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Most people don’t understand the insurance claim process and end up missing out on money owed to them by the insurance company. Understanding your insurance policy can be overwhelming. There are pages of legal and insurer jargon and trying to read through your policy can be very difficult. We are your consultant, we specialize in navigating these lengthy policies and ensuring you are compensated fairly for your damages. Don’t let your insurance company limit your settlement. That’s why we created an easy, proven system for handling your insurance claim so that you get what you deserve and make your property whole again.

Get the maximum possible compensation for the damage suffered by the loss in your claim according to your insurance policy. Our experience will ensure your claim is run smoothly and efficiently to reduce the stress you would otherwise go through having to deal with the insurance company alone.

Types of claims

Fires can often devastate a property. They are amongst the most complicated of claims handled by Loco Modus.

The level of damage to a property can vary depending on the type of fire, and how long it took in order for the fire engines to come. Fire, smoke and water damage are all common factors in fire damaged properties and require different decontamination and reinstatement techniques.

As a result, we are vastly experienced in providing detailed reports to your insurance company. To sum up, you need an expert on your side.

Fire and smoke damages can be overwhelming. Luckily all insurance policies cover fire damages. We are here to help you build your home or business back up from the ashes. We want you to focus on keeping your family or employees safe.

Fires can create very hazardous and deadly byproducts and if not remediated correctly they can linger in your building for years effecting you and those around you.

If you are a business owner it is not merely a question of having the premises repaired and replacing ruined stock. Your business may well have been rendered entirely inoperable, and the financial consequences of this are tremendous.

The complexities and quantity of the damage will only be accounted for by an expert. You need someone on your side who is an expert in fire damages and advocates your best interests are fought for. Insurance companies are always going to take the most cost-effective approach when recommending repairs, but it should not be up to them to determine damages. Therefore, a loss assessor like Loco Modus can ensure you get the settlement you are entitled to from your insurance company.

We have seen our fair share of frightful storms across the Europe and Croatia in recent years and along with them an extensive amount of property damage caused by high winds and heavy rainfall or hail or even in a combination.

You may have a tree fall on your house, or your business’s roof is leaking, or rain seeped through your roof and now there is water damages inside your home.

Storm and hail damages can be very limited on your insurance policy and can be a notoriously tricky type of claim to deal with, as your definition of a storm may vary greatly from the definition used by your insurer. Sometimes, your insurance may not cover any roof damages or they may not cover the interior of your home due to rains.

This is something you will want a thorough review on.

Your insurance policy can very lengthy when it comes to determining the extent of coverages you may have due to a given storm.

When making a claim for damage, your insurer will investigate if a storm occurred, how intense the storm was and where the storm was in relation to your property.

Your policy may not cover damages to your roof unless there was substantial visible damages to your roof.
Roof repairs can be very costly and you will want to make sure that all damages are thoroughly investigated to insure there are no coverages missed under your policy.

If you are a business owner it is not merely a question of having the premises repaired and replacing ruined stock. Your business may well have been rendered entirely inoperable, and the financial consequences of this are tremendous.

As a home or business owner, the fear of a burst pipe, flood or flash flood is always a concern. It’s something no one wants to face and it always happens at an inconvenient time. Fortunately, most insurance policies cover water damage.

If you’ve experienced water damage at either your home or business, it doesn’t take long for the catastrophe of the situation to sink in. So often, what at first glance seems like a relatively minor incident can quickly turn into a disaster area.

Flooding damages range from the extreme, such as collapsing homes or businesses and washing away automobiles, to the seemingly mundane, such as mold damage and property damage due to undiscovered standing water. While the major types of damage are clearly obvious, many home and business owners fail to notice some of the smaller consequences of flooding at the time that a claim is filed. Or even worse, they won’t realize that a claim should be filed at all.

We are trained to look beyond the obvious results of flooding and to search for every last claimable detail, from unnoticed mold to ruined upholstery on furniture. Flood insurance is supposed to be there to protect you from financial loss in the wake of an unforeseen and potentially calamitous occurrence; We are there to make certain that you are fully reimbursed to the degree that you deserve.

If you are a business owner it is not merely a question of having the premises repaired and replacing ruined stock. Your business may well have been rendered entirely inoperable, and the financial consequences of this are tremendous.

Earthquakes can cause significant and expensive damage to your homes. Stronger earthquakes usually cause structural damage that is sometimes not visible at first.

Seismic activity occurs every day, but it is normally too weak for us to feel. However, during certain times – such as periods of extreme shifting in the Earth’s tectonic plates – the force behind these seismic waves can be powerful enough to make solid concrete behave like rubber, or even split the surface of the Earth itself. Earthquakes may not last long, but the catastrophic levels of damage they can leave behind often make for a grueling recovery process. This is something that should be thoroughly investigated to ensure that there is no structural damage to your building. Insurance companies will conduct their own investigation and may miss the damage. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to go through a building thoroughly and determine the extent of the damage.

Insurance policies have very strict limits and coverage limits. If you are not aware of this type of limitation, your claim may be partially or fully denied under your policy. Your insurance policy may carry a very high deductible. This means that you need to maximize the settlement amount on the claim. This is a great example of when you need someone on your side to go through all of your coverages and ensure that claims are accurately and appropriately reported to the insurance company.

If your home or bussines property suffers from damage caused by impact, fears over the safety and security of the property, and the cost of reinstatement may be a constant worry.

Most insurance policies provide coverage to your building due to vehicle impacts. The tricky part is navigating the coverages to insure that all structural damages are addressed. This can sometimes mean removing more stucco or demolishing out more areas to expose the interior framing. You typically will need an engineer and an architect to complete various types of construction documents for the city to approve. This will insure that the repairs are completed correct.

This is something that may not always be explained to you by your insurance company.
We have a network of specialists who, where necessary, will be instructed to carry out a structural assessment of the damage to ensure that the building is safe. From Structural Engineers to our third-party consultants which work with us to evaluate the loss to your home and compile a detailed report for your insurer.

Thefts and vandalism can happen to anyone despite property owners’ best efforts to deter it of their homes and businesses, occasionally such damage will indeed occur and in some instances it can be very traumatizing. No one wants to imagine a stranger with bad intentions invading the inner-sanctum of their home, but the grim reality is that these things can – and do – happen. In the case of business owners, depending on the degree to which your building has been defaced, there is potential for a business interruption as well. As longer it takes to get the claim settled, the longer your business will be interrupted by the existence of the damage caused by thefts or vandalism.

We will know exactly what to look for in these situations, and will work with you to seek appropriate compensation for your direct costs as well as any related loss of business. However, a Public Adjuster has years of experience in these matters, and will be there to step in and work tirelessly on your behalf to get you compensated and to get your building cleaned and repaired quickly.

Most insurance policies have special stipulations and coverages for theft and vandalism coverage.

Let us handle your insurance company while you focus on putting your life back together.

You need someone fighting for you who knows the in’s and out’s of coverage. These claims can be complicated so let us do the heavy lifting.

Does your home, business or Industrial facility use:

  • Electricity?
  • Pipe lines?
  • Boiler rooms?
  • Heaters, coolers or refrigerators?
  • Communication Networks, Telephone systems & Information Systems?
  • A factory or manufacturer or goods processing?
  • Equipment to sell, transport, deliver and keep track of sales?
  • Machinery for the hospitality industry
  • Machinery and devices for the medical use
  • Any kind of machines and devices?

All our most experienced know-how in the machinery breakdown insurance claim specializing in complex and large equipment and machinery breakdown claim losses areput at the service of clients. If you are interested to know what does your equipment breakdown coverage covers and the examples of the coverage for home owners, commercial businesses and industrial properties, the format and how the coverage is explained in your policy, our team are capable of explaining the details and definitions for you.

Mechanical breakdown insurance will normally cover any major failures that occur to your machinery depending on the original cause of the loss and the chain of events that took place during the breakdown.

Before starting repairs or making a claim, it’s crucial that you speak with our specialist to make your claims experience as beneficial as possible. Making any repairs prior to allowing the insurance carrier may jeopardize your claim. Once we’ve had a chance to perform an inspection and assess the issue, we can begin the process of filling your claim with the insurance company. It is also important to gather any and all records that you may have in regard to the machinery, it’s repair history, photo or video documentation or anything else that you may have to give better insight in to the machine’s health.

As a lone business or homeowner against the combined might of an insurance company with its adjusters and lawyers on staff, it can be somewhat intimidating to seek the full benefits allotted through your policy. The lost time spent fighting for your claim might seem highly undesirable; that fact alone often deters people from questioning the estimate of the insurance company’s adjuster.

Specific and interdisciplinary skills, in-depth knowledge of the insurance sector, extensive experience in claims management, ability to manage critical situations: all our know-how put at the service of clients like private individuals, companies, and public institutions.

Isn’t it time your best interests came first with property insurance claims?

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