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About Us

LOCO MODUS Ltd., with its employees and associates, offers the complete service of estimating the value of real estate.

Our mission is to maintain the potential and value of your current or future real estate.

From instilling confidence in today’s decisions to reimagining tomorrow’s spaces, we thrive in complex, ever-changing environments.
With the services we offer, we provide insight into the multidimensional perspective of your property in order to improve your quality of life or to transform your business and achieve greater success.

Assessment of the property market value is a procedure of determining the current market value of the property.

It includes a number of factors: the scientific approaches and methods, specific location and micro-location of the property, all in relation to the current local market, legal conditions and the valid planning documents.

Property value is a key factor when making real estate and financial decisions. You need access to the most comprehensive data in real time with skilled experts extracting intelligence from analytics. We help you realize the true value of your property with trusted real estate insight and independent advice for all property types and interests.

In the event of various damages to your property, we are here to help you get what you are entitled to from the insurance companies. Many of our team members have previously worked at some of the top insurance companies. We are dedicated to attaining full compensation for the damages suffered by the loss in your claim.

Knowledge in market value assessments as well as knowledge in real estate damage assessments provides a specific approach and perspective on the combination of engineering-technical knowledge and risks that may occur.

Technical knowledge and work experience

Technical knowledge and work experience in insurance claims assessment provides insight into the broader picture of the combination of insurance and technical expertise. Loco Modus is able to offer a unique know-how combination of real estate valuation expertise, property damage assessment and insurance loss assessor claims process. We thereby help preserve the value of your property and take care of your real estate investments.

Our services


We estimate the value of real estate – using the prescribed methodology

Property Claim Management and Consulting

Insurance companies have professionals working hard on their side. Shouldn’t you?

Property Damage Assessment

Property damage assessment plays a crucial role in the aftermath of any disaster